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AM 3000.5

Automatic crafted coffee beans roasting machine.


  • Roasting Capacity 500 grams
  • Approximate roasting time 15-20 minutes per cycle
  • Power 1500 W
  • Noisiness 70 dB
  • Possibility of continuous work
  • Thermic system with air exchange
  • Automatic cycle with coffee drain and cooling
  • Filtering hood high efficiency
  • Net weight 43 kg. without hood – 52 kg. with extractor hood – 55 kg. with filtering hood
  • Width mm 450
  • Depth 440 mm
  • Height 500 mm without hood – 700 mm with hood

CHARACTERISTICS (numerical references in the image) :

1 Product loading – container for loading roasting room

2 Control panel – allows you to control and regulate the temperature in the roasting room ( included temperature control                                       system )

3 Roasting room – rotating cylinder where the films of the beans were removed and roasting hot air of the green coffee

4 Roasted coffee binder – it's the container where the roasting coffee process is complete. Coffee it's cooling down quickly                                                by  the fan

5 Pellicle separator – it is a removable container which collects all films that detach from the coffee beans once roasted.

This will yield a good roast and residue-free

6 Hood – In addition to absorbing the tipical acid smell of the roasting process, releases into the air positive aroma of good                     coffee. Its harmonious design give elegance and aesthetic beauty to the machine